Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The way I feel

I am excited about the events in the country in the past week. We have elected a new President and he has so much work to do once he takes office. The economy is really bad, and people are still loosing their jobs and homes. Companies are closing and some of everybody is hurting. I feel that this country has taken a severe blow and we are down for the 10 count.

Can we get up? " Yes We Can" Yes we can...... have hope, work together, stand together, and get the jobs done.

It will nor be easy, nor will it happen immediately; but it will happen. Yes We Can!! I feel that some many people have been encouraged and revived and have more courage to do different things to become better and make this country a better place. I know that trouble don't last always.

We must stay strong and help each other whenever we can. We must hold up the banner for hope and change. I feel that we can.

I feel so much happiness and pride in what we have done to start the CHANGE.

I know there are people that do not share my feelings and I am okay with that. It is bigger than all of us and I will continue to lift them up. They will reap the benefit of the change and it's all good.

I feel that the next four years will be very hard work and when we get to year five and allow Obama to continue his mission, we will start to reap the rewards of our labour.

I am looking forward to going to doing my part inthis change.

Yes We Can.... get up and win the fight, finish the race, and CHANGE the world.

Join me by supporting our new President and doing your part to make this country a better place.


Diamond~Star said...

I am in agreement with you. Keep the president-elect and his family in your prayers. If you walk in faith, things will go well. You got to believe the changes we are going to have slowly but surely.

Were you planning on going to Washington for the Inauguration?

Travis Musicbox said...

Wonderful words of insight! I believe that Obama will do well as long as he is true to himself and America.